My list of active LIVE maps/resources

My list of active LIVE map resources :

This site seems to have WIND direction and local winds:;-80.50;6&l=temperature-2m,-79.388,8

Canadian Lightning Danger Map - Canada - Environment Canada

Canadian Weather

Public Weather Alerts for Canada

Outage map - Toronto Hydro click on "virtual radar" on the right side - live aircraft traffic, you can see in real time where they drop - once I know where the fire is, windy lets me know predicted wind direction, so I can judge if the fire might be headed my way 
- I have a custom list (public) for fire related stuff, pio, scanner/ham, better than hashtag, much less noise... - monitor fire freqs esp if out of reach of my antenna, but also useful when I am not near my radio aka work

NOAA MADIS Surface Observations


Crypto Bubbles | Intuitive chart for crypto currencies

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