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Allstarlink MAP

Weather (WX)
European Live map of lightning strikes in Europe  —
North America lightning map -

K7FRY...Find your locator square from Google maps.
Radius around a Point Map
OK2BPQ... Generate QSO map centered on your location
CQ Zone Map of the World ...from EI8IC.
ITU Zome Map of the World ...from EI8IC

Morse Code (CW)
ARRL Morse Code Practice Files ...Morse code sent at different speeds.

Propagation - HF
DR2W DX Propagation ...Prediction maps from various point around the world
Proppy ...Point to Point HF path prediction
Current HF Ionospheric Conditions
Live Critical Freq Map ... Live map showing the FoF2 Critical Frequency i.e. Frequency at which a signal sent straight up comes back down off the ionosphere.

VOACAP ...Another prediction site

Propagation - VHF   - Tropospheric Propagation Forecast
F5LEN...Tropo forecast for Europe.
WSPR website....Useful map for checking propagation.
G7IZU...Sporadic-E map for Europe
PSK Reporter ... Check the FT8 spots to see what band is open and where.
G7RAU Sporadic-E maps ...
PROPquest ... Sporadic-E

K1BV Awards Directory
SP9JPA Awards News

Fifth Ocean Club (Russian)

SM3CER Contest calendar
RSGB VHF Contest Calendar
IRTS Contests -

Digital Modes
WSJT...Software suite from Joe Taylor K1JT... Weak signal modes

EI websites
EI9GQ ... Ed is a homebrew guru and has plenty of interesting circuits and information on his website.

Facebook Links (EI)
Digital Ham Radio Ireland Facebook Group -
IRTS Facebook Group   -
South Eastern Amateur Radio Group (SEARG) Facebook Group  -

Forums / Message Boards
Transmission 1...Forum for Amateur Radio in the UK
Boards dot ie ... Irish message board for radio hobbyists  -
QRZ - Homebrew and Kits ...

CTCSS tones and frequencies  -

Kits...QRP (Low Power)
GQRP Club .. They stock lots of useful components for their members.
QRP-LABS ... Amazing set of kits at modest prices.
SOTABEAMS ... They stock a lot of excellent products and components
Kanga Products ... UK based kits. Mainly cw. Lots of useful parts for sale. ... Lots of parts from the Czech Republic at very modest prices.
Walford Electronics ... Mainly CW transceivers from 80m to 20m.
Pacific Antenna ... Lots of small professional looking kits
Four State QRP Group ... US based QRP group with some nice kits at modest prices.
Five-Dash-Inc ... Some interesting SDR receiver and transceiver kits
CRKits ... Chinese QRP kits
QRPme ... USA based kits. Mainly cw with some simple test gear.
HobbyPCB ... Contrary to what the name might suggest, this company sells a number of high end radio kits
Vectronics ... US based supplier of a large range of radio kits
QRP Ham Radio Kits ... A selection of kits and parts from EA3GCY
QRPver ... Range of low power kits and accessories from the Ukraine.
QRP Guys ... Range of kits and accessories from the USA

BITX ... A very popular HF transceiver kit from India.
... HF Signals ... Home of the BITX transceivers  -
... ... News about the BITX kits -
... ... Forum for the BITX  —

QRSS Links (Very slow cw beacons)
KnightsQRSS Blog ... Some useful background info  -
WA5DJJ ... Intro to QRSS  -

WebSDR... Online receivers covering the Amateur bands -

UK Repeaters.Net ...Website listing all the VHF repeaters in the UK  —
IRTS Repeater List... Irish repeater list  —

DK3WN...Current status of amateur satellites & info   -

DTMF ...Online DTMF tone generator  —

VHF...Band 2... 88 to 108 MHz
Paul Logan... Trans-Atlantic FM reception  -

WSPR... Weak Signal Propagation Reporter
Main WSPR website... Poor map  —
M0XDK... Good map  —
VK7JJ... Good for looking at results.   —

(Updated June 2022